Monday, February 20, 2012

Dreams V/s Reality completes one year

Finally my blog turns an year old. Unfortunately it is in my hands so it has lost its importance. Poor chap must be feeling how on earth did he fall in a lazy person’s lap who once in a blue moon remembers it and shows a little pity by posting something.

Don’t you worry my sweet blog I still love you though I love my sleep more but one day I assure you we will make it big. Dreams V/s Reality will one day become a famous blog with all the public hogging in here. Till then it’s just me wishing you a Happy Birthday. Time to celebrate, darling. Take care coz I come quite less but sweetheart I do love you and feel for you. One day everyone will be wishing you and celebrating your birthday. Anyway we two are crowd enough for your birthday this time, let’s begin with the party. Woohooo!!!!!


Time passes by and we don't even understand how we grow from a kid to teen to a grown up.And in this passage of time we learn lots of lessons from our mistakes,we experience loads of emotional events in our life,we face obstacles and failures,we taste the sweetness of success but all this while what most of forget to learn and imbibe is 'humanity'.Majority of us achieve the heights of professionalism but do we achieve something in the field of humanity?
How many of us have thought about the small kid who sits in the pool of mud at a construction site where his parents have been slogging day and night? Have we ever thought of our maid's baby boy or the gardener's daughter who helps out her father in sowing the seeds just to make our lawns beautiful and colorful?
All of us have big plans for our birthday, party, disc, hang out, everything. But did we ever think about spending some moments with the orphans or these down trodden kids who are most of the time found playing with mud and scrap? I've been observing a whole lot of kids ranging from a few months to five years at the new building that is being constructed in my college and whenever I see them I think how could I ever help these kids. I'm so lucky to be at such a better position. I have good surroundings, good food, good clothes, everything is the best for me.
We have progressed so far, technically but I don't think we have progressed mentally. The labour class is still treated like 'shudras' in the Vedic age even today. Why? Aren't they human beings? Till today people don't let servants enter from the main gate. People don't think twice before buying themselves new apparels but why don't they do the same for the poverty stricken people. India is still a poor country. People say that if they start giving others, how are they going to survive themselves? But in this way will we ever be able to develop? Will this mentality change? Indians are always talking about caste and religion. Every point starts with religion and ends with religion but doesn't religion teach us to 'share and care' ?
Wake up guys. We want Indian Govt to do it all. We blame leaders and politicians, the police and the staff but when have we thought of 'taking a step ourselves'? If the Government hasn't done its duty then there is a question that arises and that is "HAVE WE DONE OUR DUTY AS CITIZENS?"
Come to the second thing because being a citizen is secondary but "BEING HUMAN" is PRIMARY. So do answer this question first "HAVE WE DONE OUR DUTY AS HUMANS?"
And if we couldn't do it till now we still have time, don't we? WE CAN and WE WILL..

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I saw the child in torn clothes first
I again saw him the next day sweeping the floor
I asked him his name
He didn't speak anything
I thought he was hesitant to talk
I then came in the evening for a walk
I found him trying to read a piece of paper
I wished him and asked his name again
He looked at me with innocence in his eyes
And started reading the paper again
I asked him if he liked studying
I could see a spark in his eyes
He gave a nod and then turned sad
I saw the ten year old every morning
He was always silent and expressionless
One day I saw him in the afternoon
He was building fire and trying to cook
And then came an eight year old girl,
Running and shouting,calling out his name
I saw the same spark in his eyes as on that day
The spark combined with a huge smile on his face
made me think about him once more
I walked up to him and asked his name
This time I got the reply from his sister
The eight year old was his sister
I asked her about her school
She told me her brother was dumb
I now felt guilty about asking him out that day
I gave my hand to him
And he finally shook his hand with me
Now we were friends and that too good ones
All three of us now sat down and played
Every evening I would play with them
Every morning I would teach them
I had developed a soft corner for the boy
He was a good listener,extremely bright
I taught him to write
I was surprised to see him learn soon
Today i asked him if he wanted to go to school
His eyes shone bright and were full of happiness
I knew this is what I had to do now
Today I came to know the true feeling of gratitude
He touched my feet,I was speechless
With a smile on his lips and tears in his eyes
He gave out a paper to me
On it was written "THANK YOU MA'AM'
And all I could remember at that moment
Was the first time I saw him,
Quiet and shy,sweeping the floor,
With a question in his eyes

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


There is a system in our constitution, as per the 1969 act, in section " 49-O" that a person can go to the polling booth, confirm his identity, get his finger marked and convey the presiding election officer that he doesn't want to vote anyone! Yes such a feature is available, but obviously these leaders have never disclosed it. This is called "49-O". Why should you go and say " I VOTE NOBODY"... ...

I was browsing through facebook as usual and this is what I got to know. So finally I've one reason to give my family that I'm not wasting time on FB ;)
Don't you think people that this is what should be done. If this happens on a mass scale wouldn't it be great? I mean of course there would be whole lot of chaos over it but isn't there a chaos even now. There is a restless in everyone. More than 95% of people are unhappy with the government. The same Congress that brought freedom to India is bringing us to a state when we can't avoid a protest. All politicians are assholes except a few. And apologies to those who find this word abusive but believe me that's quite less. They deserve to be abused publicly and even more than what I said. 
Anyway coming to the point of this whole election thing. I will be turning 21 this year in May and you know what I got my voter ID card last month because of which I was unable to vote since the last two years. I had applied for my Voter Card way back when I turned eighteen. All that happened in the past two years was he always took my information and my passport size photo was gone. And now that I have finally got an ID..It states my name as "HASHIA" and year of birth as 1992 which is actually 1991.
So in case my Voter ID card gets corrected on time I'll vote for nobody as no one is a deserving candidate and if my luck is on the darker side I won't be able to vote again. Though in case if you agree with what I believe wouldn't you like to go for the same?? Voting for nobody.. I'm not here to instigate people against Govt. but the point is Has any party been able to do justice till now? The only thing they have done is enjoyed on the public money. My Dad's hard earned money is going into the pocket of these pig headed people and they have done nothing to develop my city Kanpur or any other place,leave alone the whole of nation.
Think over it guys. Would you like to drain your Dad's hard earned money in these good for nothing politicians? Would you like seeing them enjoy while your mother has been managing home and office just to maintain a proper living? Would you like to see yourself missing on that particular gadget you wanted but your money is being snatched away in the name of taxes only to have a luxurious living for these politicians? Would you like to see your sister missing on her joyous moments because Govt levies tax and still does nothing out of it? Would you be able to see your brother unable to buy a new bike just because the Govt wants tax to enjoy on his money? Would you be able to say no to your kid for a play station as you lost your money to Govt in the hope of getting a developed nation?
Would be able to see all this? Think over it....