Monday, March 25, 2013

Book Trailer

So here I bring to you the official trailer of my debut novel 'One In A Million'. This is my first attempt at making a video. I hope you like it and I assure you the next trailer is going to be better than this.
Do have a look and share feedback. If you like it, please share among your friends.

My book is now on pre-order. You can order your copy from here.
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Very Special News

So there's a good news I have to convey. I have been away from my blog in the past but now it won't happen hopefully. And yes, so today was just another day and I called my publisher to know about the pre-order for my book and he said that they came yesterday and I was like 'OMG! How could I miss it?'
I searched it instantly and found my book on pre-order at HomeShop 18, Amegabooks, BookAdda and Infibeam. It will be on Flipkart very soon.

In the meantime if you wish to order my copy, you may try any of the following links:





I hope you guys are going to like it.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Martial Arts for Women Self Defense!

Guest post by Alok Vats

Streets today are teeming with vicious and unscrupulous elements targeting mainly women. They are subject to assaults, rape and murder.  It is therefore, important to avoid such atrocious incidents from occurring.
No matter how many precautions you take, your safety is not guaranteed. So, it is wise to learn to defend yourself when caught in a dreadful situation. For such purposes, learning martial arts for your self-defense is the best choice.
With martial arts you have survival skills in hand, and the ability to protect yourself against atrocities, which boosts your self-confidence. As you scroll down, you will come across Best Martial Arts for Women Self-Defense.
One such incident which happened on 16th of December 2012 in Delhi has sparked a revolution in India with the youth coming up with different ways to generate awareness and demand a change in attitude towards women. One such initiative was the Delhi Flash Mob against Delhi Gang Rape, which can be seen in the trial video:

Martial Arts for Self-Defense of Women
With most of the martial arts, you learn punching and kicking hard. With some, you know ways to twist and hyperextend joints and cause pain to the attacker. Some train you a combination of fighting empty-handed as well as with weapons. You are also trained to use your belongings like belt, key, purse etc. as weapons.  Here are some martial arts types that can help if you are in danger.

§  Tae Kwon Do – Literal translation of this martial art says- the art of kicking and punching. Originated in Korea, it enjoys being the most celebrated martial art on the globe and is usually said to be defensive for women. The reason is that maximum attacks in this martial art spring from lower parts of the body. With it, you learn some really devastating kicks and ways to immobilize an attacker giving him dreadful blows.

§  Krav Maga – This martial art developed in Israel. It trains you in combating with armed and unarmed assailants. Practices of Krav Maga are mental. Its techniques help in handling risky situations. They are designed particularly to train you in direct combat practices. You learn to employ various body parts like elbows and knees to fight and be guarded against attackers.

§  Aikido – Hailing from Japan, Aikido is considered to be the most distinctive form from other martial art styles. As much body strength is not required in this martial art, it is well-suited for women. Its concept is to use the attacker's force for your benefit. It is meant just for you if you want to know about defending yourself with joint locking and throwing techniques. 

§  Kung Fu – Having vital self-defense aspects, it is highly alluring for women. It also trains you to defeat 2-4 people at a time. It also teaches you to use weapons which is applicable if you can grab an item to forcefully hit the attacker. Also, you learn how to defend yourself if attacked with a knife. Learn this martial art and you can get an attacker to surrender.

§  Kick Boxing – Kick boxing is of various types like Japanese, European, North American and Indonesian. You just have to select the type you find most suitable for yourself and be prepared to answer the attacker vigorously and beat him to the ground.

§  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – This martial art can be wonderfully advantageous for women as its techniques are grappling. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu empowers you for ground fighting, especially when attackers try to pin you under them. You can give them terrible blows with this martial art form.

§  Jeet Kune Do – Jeet Kune Do provides you with techniques to hit the attacker most closely and hardly like hitting his eyes with your fingers. The movements are simple, direct, quick to learn and perform. Once trained in this form, you can smash the intentions of your attacker.

      Martial arts are brilliant ways to develop your physical and mental abilities required to guard yourself against grave situations. They teach you strong technique generation for your safety. Above mentioned Best Martial Arts for Women Self-Defense forms equip you with fierce and forceful techniques when you are trapped in a threatening condition. They are furious, effective and useful. They keep you strong, alert and protected. With these self-defense moves, you can ward-off impending attackers with ease.

Author Bio:

This guest blog was written by Alok Vats, who currently works as an Online Marketing Manager at Koenig Solutions Ltd. He also runs a blog I News India, a self improvement website, which is primarily known for empowering ideas.

Book Review: The Promise by Nikita Singh

The Promise is an intriguing tale of Shambhavi and Arjun. Shambhavi is a carefree chirpy girl who is into interior designing. She takes life as it comes and is highly dedicated towards her present passion, interior decoration. She is a creative person at heart and that is what makes her paint as well. She paints for the love of it, not for money. Arjun is a guy who is completely immersed in his business. All he thinks about day and night is making money, feelings, relations do not matter to him and why would they? He lost his family and got his heart broken. He doesn’t believe in the term ‘love’ and is quite a hard man to deal with.
Shambhavi and Arjun meet in connection with a project and he just can’t help falling for her. Her passion towards life makes him realize the emptiness in his life. He gets drawn to him and finally get involved in a relation until Shambhavi announces one day about her pregnancy. Arjun feels that Shambhavi is doing so in order to get his money because this is what his last love, Prehal did with him. He feels he has been cheated on again and asks Shambhavi to leave forever. Shambhavi determined to not ask for his help anymore, walks out of his life, she struggles to earn money all by herself and not only that she decides to keep the baby and not get aborted. She doesn’t even ask for a penny from Arjun even after being financially at loss. She has a dying father to care and a new life to develop but she does everything. What would Shambhavi do to earn a living? How would she face the rest of the world all by herself? Will Arjun ever realize his mistake? Will they ever meet again?
Well, that is for you to find out. Read the book to drown yourself in this amazing love fable. I seem to have fallen in love with Nikita Singh’s writing yet again. A lot of people may criticize her on and oft but I seriously love the way she writes romantic fiction. If you are a die-hard romantic and a girl as well, do pick the book, you are surely going to love it. Your heart will cry when you will find Shambhavi struggling all the way all alone and have tears while you read Part IV of the book. The trauma of a pregnant unmarried girl abandoned by her boy friend has been well portrayed. I just love every part of the book, nothing unnecessary, just the apt usage of words at the apt situation. The beginning of each chapter gives you a new lesson about life divulging a few realities related to emotions if in case you are unaware about them. This is something that makes me love the book even more. Go ahead and read the book. I am sure you won’t be disappointed. 

Get your copies from HS18