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Chit Chat with Ashutosh Bhatia

Another weekend and another celebrity on the block. This time we have a debut author who agreed to be interviewed by me. Ashutosh Bhatia who is coming up with his latest book with a unique title
'So many turning points... A crorepati turned “roadpati” '
Mr. Ashutosh Bhatia is not just a writer, he is a multi talented personality who indulges in photography and motivational speaking apart from being an IT consultant. We heartily congratulate Mr. Bhatia for the book.Get the inside story of writing a book from the author himself.

Harshita: What does Ashutosh Bhatia do apart from writing?
Ashutosh: Writing has been my passion but being from IT Sector, my main time and schedule is involved in my IT work.

Harshita: From an IT professional to a writer, how did the change came over you?
Ashutosh: It’s not a change actually as I have been involved in writing for long but somehow that was for personal use, for my clients or for the various session I take but yes writing a book is really different from all that I have been writing before. It has taken lot of efforts and my time to get this book completed but for sure next book writing will be much easy.

Harshita: How did you hit on such kind of title?
Ashutosh: This is the title which I felt people would love to ready and as it’s a real instance so they will be able to relate themselves. The story will make everyone feel in the scene as this is what most entrepreneurs face and get into issues.

Harshita: How do you manage to juggle between your profession and writing?
Ashutosh: Yeah, it has been difficult to manage things. Initially when I started everything was always messed up as the time management was not happening but slow and steady wins the race for sure, this happened with me. I was giving full time in office and evening and late night, I was giving to my writing finally I was able to do it.

Harshita: What motivated you to write a novel? Tell us something about it.
Ashutosh: It’s what I have faced in my life and I was sure that with my experience in facing various hurdles and how life has played with me will help others. I have been helping numerous people with my experience and situation I have faced and it has always helped them to come out of the problem. So I was curious if I can write something which helps everyone in facing the challenges and motivated them somehow.
As I have told before here, this is a true life professional story, my experiences that I have gained from life.

Harshita: What are your expectations from the readers?
Ashutosh: Hope they get prepared to face problems before it comes or rather if it’s their own they know how to come out of it.

Harshita: Who has been your source of inspiration all this while?
Ashutosh: My daily routine and financial crisis which I was facing, lack of facilities for long, family getting stressed for not getting the basic necessities fulfilled always inspired me to write what I was facing. 

Harshita: Do you plan to take up full time writing?
Ashutosh: I am not sure about it but yes I am coming up with another two books which are in pipeline after this. 

Rapid Fire
Favourite Author: Mr. Chetan Bhagat
Favourite Books: “Illusion”, “2 States”, “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”
Favourite pastime: Talking          
Favourite movie: Anand
Favourite cuisine: Typical Indian (Food made by MY MOM)

Friday, October 19, 2012

One In A Million..A novel

Have you fallen in and out of love?
How painful it is to let go off your first love?
But...Life goes on...and it gives you another chance too...
This January, get ready to witness a one of a kind love story
ONE IN A MILLION...a novel by Harshita Srivastava
Welcome to the roller coaster ride of Priyanka and her misadventures with Love...Coz it's not always about first love...It's about growing up in love with different people and different situations
Priyanka... A whacky Delhi girl
Shashank...A boy every girl wants to have
Vishal...Their best friend
Come and see how they collide into each other’s life...
Who will sweep her off her feet?
Shashank? Vishal? Or is there someone else who will finally make her realise the true meaning of love?
Why does love have to bump into her in most unusual situations?

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Awards..Awards..Awards :D

Ahhh! With great pleasure I would like to inform you guys that my blog has received yet another blog award..err..well not just one, there are two awards :D

One Lovely blog Award


Laine Blogger Award

And they have been presented by none other than Neisha, a regular reader of my posts and an amazing blogger herself. Do have a look at Neisha's work here. Thanks a ton Neisha..loads of love to you from my side. I need to pass on this award to some bloggers as well. Here I go:

Laine Blogger Award

One Lovely Blog Award

Gautam (This is your birthday gift :D )

Happy Reading to all my readers and Best Wishes to all the winners :)
Take Care

Madhuri Banerjee's book on pre-order

So weren't we all waiting for the second part of Madhuri Banerjee's book 'Losing my Virginity and other Dumb ideas' and finally the wait is over. The sequel to the book named 'Mistakes like Love and Sex' is up for pre-order on Flipkart.
I personally loved reading about Kaveri and her tryst with love and relationships and I am sure the author is going to wave her magic wand here too..Let's have a look at what the book says.

Cheated by her young and handsome Spanish boyfriend, Kaveri is back in India to follow a career as an artist and to find her dream man. However, getting involved with an older man, making out with the hottest star in Bollywood, teaching a hot, upcoming actress Hindi . . . her goals seem nowhere in sight.
Starting afresh seems to have thrown her off completely and she begins to see the superficial life that she’s been leading. It’s time to take some hard decisions. With fresh hope and a new philosophy, Kaveri begins to focus on her goals.
Things begin to look up when there is a kindling of romance across Twitter and she starts to understand her true calling. She might finally be moving in the right direction! 

I am eagerly waiting to know what crops up in Kaveri's life now and how would love bounce back in her life.

And for all those who do not know about the author.

Madhuri Banerjee is a media professional as well as the author of Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas.
She started her career with content and film production and has worked for UTV Motion Pictures, Zoom Television and popular Bollywood personalities like Rohan Sippy and Anu Malik. Presently, she is the director of Gray Matter Solution, a production house. Madhuri is passionate about traveling, yoga, and reading. She is an English literature graduate from Delhi University and has done her Master’s in Mass Communication from Jamia Milia Islamia. She currently lives in Mumbai, India.

Pre order your copy here

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Some Gupshup from the Book World: A Book On Terrorism??

So it's time for some gossip. Didn't we all love the debut novel 'Did She Love Me'? by Jyotirmoy Mazumdar that released in May this year. He swayed the hearts of many hardcore romantics by the sweet lovely acts of his protagonist and some very emotional poems that graced the book. Anyway the book has been doing really well in the market and he has a lot of fans to his credit now. But what next? He happened to be the first author I got to interview on the platform of Isahitya. In a recent chit chat with him he informed that his next book would be on terrorism. And this is not just one book, he has plans to write a trilogy on it. He is busy editing his manuscript these days and has big plans.

In his own words, he says
I first wrote this novel on terrorism in Assam in June and had plans of writing a trilogy over it but a second read to the first draft of this book made me realize that terrorism is something the whole country suffers from and it ought to be cleaned from the roots. This is my attempt to make the Government know what it hasn't done in the past and to the readers, to the people, to every Indian I would just say one thing, 'You and only you can contribute in the development of the country' 
On coaxing him to reveal the publisher of the book, he remained mum on it even though he did say that it is going to Big. He reveals that in the first draft there was a touch of romance but at present the book is high on terrorism and suspense.
Writing a book on terrorism at the age of 20 is indeed a great step. Every author grows with each novel he writes and we expect the same from him too. Terrorism is not new in our country. It has haunted people for long. Every year, we see many cities burn in blasts and face the consequences alone. Hundreds of lives are lost without any fault of theirs. Who is actually responsible for this? The government or the people or the sects biased in the name of religion. I hope we get to see a whole lot of action and thought provoking ideas in the book. How the book fares when it comes in the market is what time will tell us but we certainly wish him all the best for his latest venture. 

Bollywood gives awesome movies back to back

 Bollywood has been rocking with giving its audience awesome movies like Barfi and Oh My God back to back. We needed some good movies apart from the commercial masala movies. In this context I even liked Ferrari Ki Sawaari that came some time back. If you thought Barfi was awesome then Oh My God is going to blow off your mind. Of course we can't compare the two but then all of these movies deserve to be applauded for. A total paisa vasool movie. While Barfi told you the language of silence then Oh My God does make you say OMG.

Barfi gave a sweet message of the love between two unusual people and had a very fresh feeling with the best of performances by RK, PC and Illeana. It shows how a person with disabilities can stay happy with what he said and not only that he believes in spreading happiness all around. It tells you how amazingly even silence can speak.

Ferrari Ki Sawari was an enjoyable ride as well. With wonderful act by all the actors, it brought into light the way a middle class man leads his life and what he does for his survival. And after all these amazing films, OMG hits the festive season with a spark and not just entertains you, it enlightens you as well.

Akshay has always been perfect in his movies and this movie was no exception. The Akshay Paresh Jodi spreads its magic here too. It delves into the confusion so many of us have in mind. Will lighting candles and donating in temples and worship places alone help bring happiness and success in life? Would donating crores of money on God or giving milk make God happy? Wouldn't it be better if you use the money in helping out a poverty stricken man?

Questioning the existence of God and not only that blaming him for your woes would be considered as heinous crime but it didn't to Kanji Bhai. He fought for justice, for his family and what was right. Who is going to pay for the damage caused by 'Act of God'? In his fight to know the answers of life, he gets through the deeper meanings which none of us even think of but follow blindly.

As kids, we humans are taught to pray to God for our welfare. We offer our prayers to him for our own greed. We offer him exchange offers but God doesn't want you to acknowledge his presence only if he passes you in exam or helps you get a promotion. Instead of fighting and facing the obstacles, we ask him to handle it for us.All he requires is your true love and belief.An atheist is someone who watches things carefully, observes and analyses and then he says that this is wrong, it is not done by God. And a true atheist can only turn into a firm believer of God once he gets to know the true reason behind it. But the problem that the world faces is that people are not God loving but God fearing and that is why the business of so called 'Messenger of God' is flourishing.
So in what category do you fall, God loving or God fearing?

If you haven't seen the movie, go watch it now.

Upcoming Novel: Chockolate Sauce by Arpit Vageria

Title: ChocKolate Sauce
Author: Arpit Vageria
Publisher: Mahaveer Publishers
Price: 125 INR

Arpit Vageria brings a yummy treat to the readers with his debut work 'Chockolate Sauce- Smooth. Dark. Sinful'. The book has a very fresh and slurpy title with an equally catchy cover page. Something that provokes you to lay your hand on this book. The book is now on pre-order at Infibeam and it's time to have a look at what the book has plans to serve the readers.

About the book

Arnab likes Jahnvi. Aditi likes Arnab. Jahnvi also thinks she likes Arnab. And Rishi.. well.. he likes everybody!!

Arnab, family loving guy, younger son and mummy’s pet! Emotionally blackmailed to stay back in Indore, pursues his Graduation from Renaissance College.

Aditi — caring, helping and loving girl. Arnab's best friend. His agony aunt. Who knows and understands Arnab more than he himself can ever. Loves him? Does not love him? Neither knows that! 

Jahnvi, is a charming and pretty girl, with high values and family centric who would never want to hurt her parents in any way.

Rishi, a playboy and unfortunately Arnab's best buddy. He loves many and more! Only if he knew whom he really loves?!

Who loves whom more? Who leaves whom? And why? Does Arnab love Jahnvi or Aditi? Or does Arnab love both of them?

Love. Break up. Useless logics. Sex buddy. Money. Career. Parents.

And love again!

Fate throws them challenges, one and all. Will they fight and win?

Or lose? Read on the confused tale of love and lovers.

After reading the blurb, don't you feel some or the other character is like you or someone you know. Doesn't it arouse the feeling to pick up the book and know who will be bound together by the strings of love? Yes, it does, at least to me it does. The book has an absolutely lovable set up of the beautiful city of Indore, also called as Mini Mumbai. All of us have gone through the best friend or lovers confusions? Haven't we? And how things changed with time. Well this books might just take you back to the good old days of college life and the conflicts between love and relationship to be topped up with the responsibility towards family. 

Let's have a sneak peak into a poem you will find in the book

It had to happen someday, Might be in some or other way
The proposal did come out, I said it inside out
Though I tried holding back my emotions, To amount I succeed was still a question?
I did stop for once, But gathered courage and said it all at once
I love her to moon and back, She's the one for me now.
I hope she's not taken aback, I am the arrow and she's the bow.
Don't, Please don't say me NO baby, Try and understand the feeling
My heart is getting heavy, Your one YES would do the healing.
Every moment I spent with you are indeed forever special.
Your talks, eyes and innocence always keep me dazzle
Do agree on my love and I won't let you down.
I commit you happiness, I'll ensure it makes you drown.
You're the one and last on the grounds we call "Love".
So many of them come and go, You're doubtlessly one in all above.
With you I feel complete, There's much more to reiterate.
Rapidly increasing heartbeats, I hope life to give me a treat.
From Monday till Sunday, Always with you it's Funday.
It had to happen someday, Might be in some or other way.

-Arpit Vageria

The pangs of anxiety when a guy waits for his proposal's answer is portrayed exceptionally well. And which girl wouldn't say Yes after reading this?

And before you question about the title of the book, this is what the author answered when I asked him the same:

"As many people are already asking for the reason of an extra "K" in "ChocKolate Sauce". I would like to tell that I've kept it intentionally. Reason- It sounds jarring with an extra "K" and that's what the story is also about as its not a cheesy love story and i wanted to keep the same feel with TITLE of Novel."

About the Author

Arpit Vageria, born in Indore, is one amongst the young authors of India. Chockolate Sauce is his debut novel. Apart from writing, he is currently employed in a leading media group of Mumbai.

He is a commerce graduate from Renaissance College, Indore and has done a management course from IBS, Mumbai. His other interests are listening to music, travelling and reading.

Isn't it time to treat yourself with the yummy chocolaty book of Arpit Vageria. Pre-Order on Infibeam

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Book Review: I Loved a Street Woman by Nitin Vinay Khare

Book Title: I Loved a Street Woman
Author: Nitin Vinay Khare
Publisher: Diamond Books 
Price: 100 INR( Available at a lower price online)
About the Book:

How much can one sacrifice for love?

Is love just fun and physical pleasures or something much beyond that?

Would one chose a street woman over a princess?

Do omens and destiny play any role in our relationships and love?

“I loved a street woman” is the story of Capt. Aviral (Ex Indian Army) a young war veteran who is reconciling his life, estranged from his childhood love and recovering from war injuries. Was it really true love that he lost? 

As Aviral starts his Travel firm, he accompanies a strange travel freak mysterious girl ‘Umrao’ on a random trip. As they visit old forgotten cities and experience the cults and practices of these places and explore the unseen life of villages en route, their most secret doubts and fears begin to unwind.

As the trip ends and ‘Umrao’ disappears leaving no clue, Aviral finds that she belongs to the banned streets of the some unknown town.

Will he ever accept and confess his love for her? Will he sacrifice everything for love?
“I loved a street woman” is a journey which unfolds the absolute meanings of love.

About the Author:

Nitin Vinay Khare belongs to a beautiful sleepy town of Panna, nearby world heritage site Khajuraho,famous for its tiger reserve, waterfalls and diamond mines. A Sainik School alumnus and a post graduate in management, he prefers to live an anonymous and nomadic life in search of creative inspirations for his stories, poetry and paintings. He regularly pens down his blogs upon vibrant social issues. He also runs a mural studio De Murals. Past several years, he has been writing series of novels; the first published work of them is I loved a street woman.

My View: Before picking up the book I had no clue that it would be such a stupendous read. Impressive writing style, beautiful narration, awesome imagination that helps you draw pictures in your mind while you read, what else could you ask for? Not even once did I feel that the book is a debut work. Emotions have been weaved into words with full endeavour. A great imagination is required while writing and the author seems to possess this quality very well. Thoughts on love and relationships have been portrayed amazingly well. I fall short of praises to describe the wonder his pen has made. Love while in a journey in the most unusual situation is mesmerizing. A lot of history which we had forgotten in the history classes seems to have revived. The letter that Umrao leaves for Capt. Aviral brings you close to tears. The pangs of unspoken love and search of lost love makes your heart go for the leads of the book. The conflict within the heart of a man who falls in love with a girls who happens to be from a brothel is penned down very well. The book gives a social message to the readers. Love doesn't distinguish between the outcaste and the upper caste. In the words of the author, "Love wins, Love always wins"
A definite pick for everyone who has loved and lost love.

Grab your copies from Flipkart