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Harshita Srivastava is a full-time writer and devotes all her time to reading and writing. She is the author of 'One In A Million' and 'Bad Romance'. She has also been a part of the much popular romance anthology, 'Moonlit Matinee' series as an editor as well as a contributor. She is currently working on her third novel. For earning her bread and butter, she works as a content writer developing articles and blog posts on a variety of topics. She has been associated with Goibibo and now works with a startup into travel and hospitality, FabHotels.


Read my story of the times when I was a simple and confused college girl and had just started off my blog.

Incase you want to know about me, I am just another insignificant and the laziest girl on this earth wasting away her life.
I am a Mechanical Engineering student (unfortunately) of a private engineering college. Bad luck happened and I realized that engineering was never my calling. Probably I always had in my heart that I had some connection with writing but the unruly mind that I had never made me go towards this profession. But now I have finally fought with my mind and I am back to my first love, writing. Oh no that happened after reading. I began to love reading first and then writing. 
Writing is in my genes. My Dad is a voracious reader but he writes research journals, papers and books. My Mom also writes  poetry which she never gets published. My paternal side is loaded with writers, my grandpa, my uncles and aunt write. So I guess I inherited at least one good quality, I wonder where did the other good qualities of my family go to? No one in my family was insane enough to take up writing as a profession as the world says that writers and poets can never gain financial stability. But like you all know I have lost my brains (I guess I never had) I decided I'll not go for engineering. I am completing this degree because my Dad says that something that has been started should be completed with full commitment. I have been unable to give my dedication though.
So here I am for the love of my life. I wish to earn my living as a writer. I've begun to take baby steps towards this. I am a beginner but I am here to stay. As of now I write articles at I News India sometimes. Alok Sir is really kind enough to let me be me. His patience is above praise for he lets me write with my pace doubled up with laziness. Apart from this, I have just started as an Intern at Isahitya.Isahitya.com is a website that talks about Indian literature, hindi as well as english. Since I am associated with it, you guys can have a look at the work I do there. I also write as a guest blogger on Health and beauty at purplle.com and Few unnecessary stuff. Purplle.com is an online cosmetic shopping site for men and women whereas Few Unnecessary Stuff is a blog on health and beauty by Dr. Sukanya Banerjee.Postings at all these places can be found here. As for the Isahitya work, it is posted up on the isahitya tab.
And I own one more blog by the name Relationship Vows. You may have a look at it too.
One day I'll come up with my novel too. And hopefully that someday will come soon.

Bored? I know I speak a lot. Even I can't help it, it's natural. I'll take your leave now. Browse through my blog. If you feel like having an encounter with a monster like me, click on the Contact Me tab, I'll revert back as soon as possible


  1. Interesting though. All the best!

  2. Writing in your genes...interesting About Me :) Congrats to you. One in a million is out of stock now :) Great! All the best :)

    Someone is Special

  3. I always enjoy reading the about section of a blog - beautiful facets of the blogger can be enjoyed there! Your about me was also one such post which I enjoyed reading :) Wish you good luck for your writing endeavors!


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