Sunday, April 28, 2013

Guest Blogging: Do's and Don'ts

Guest Blogging
Don’t all of us love reading blogs on various topics related to our daily lives.
You want to buy a new laptop for yourself. You refer a blog.
You want to give your living room a new look. You refer a blog.
You are facing problem in your relationship. You refer a blog.
Your boss is giving you a pain in the neck. You refer a blog.

For every problem in your life, there is a solution on a blog.
And how many times has the idea of suggesting your own idea cropped up your mind?
Hasn’t the idea of writing as a guest blogger excited you?

Well, if that is the case then start searching up for blogs which deal with your area of interest. There are a lot of blogs that invite guest bloggers. So, search all over the net and type in mails to them.
Don’t just send in your article. Tell them why you want to write for them and how your contribution to the blog can help the readers and the blog as well.


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Friday, April 19, 2013

Get An Autographed Copy!

A lot of people had been asking for autographed copies. Here's where you can get them:

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I hope you all will love reading the book.

Stay Blessed


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Are we humans?

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Yes, this is what I feel like questioning the crowd where I live.
I had been just scrolling on the Facebook feeds when I came across a few screen shots uploaded. The screen shots contained some personal chats which were posted by some newly registered ID. And shockingly, there were people who were liking and commenting on it.
I mean where are the ethics gone? What happened to the act of 'being human'?
These are heights, one can not malign someone's image and privacy like this.
Have we people totally lost logic in the midst of having fun on Social Networking Sites?
All this was done by engineering students. Does engineering teach all this and if this is what engineers of the nation are being taught then I'd rather be illiterate.
If people are forgetting qualities of humanity in the veil of 'advancement of technology' then why not shut down all the engineering colleges and open up schools that gives Moral values? Wouldn't that be a better option?
After such an incident, would the victim be able to face anyone in the premises?
Isn't it as worse as rape?
Acts like these can be ghastly, the victim goes through a lot of emotional trauma. Why? What's the fault of the victim, anyway?
Why make mockery of someone to such an extent that life becomes a living hell for that person?
This can actually harm the person in the long run, he/she may lose the confidence of doing something worthwhile.
So, my point of concern is are we losing onto humanity in course of advancing technology? Can we still call ourselves humans? Or are we just technology driven robots? Or even worse than that?
Is revenge the only objective left in our life? Can revenge bring contentment in life? Are we going to bite a dog just because we were bit by it?
Is it high time we gave it a thought?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Six Things That Made Me Happy Today # 2

1. A cup of chai and mathri with my new set of friends was simply amazing as the saying goes the big joys of life lay in small things.

2. I never knew there would be so many supporters for my novel. I am glad to get such a positive response in my network with so many people pre-ordering my book. (If you wish, you may order your book here )

3. I was getting really late in the morning and was almost 20 steps away when the bus started off but the kind driver waited for me even though everyone had been shouting to start the bus.

4. I had been since long craving for some good chicken, I finally had it (here I go again with the foodie details) :D

5. I cleaned up my room today and cleared all the mess lying round, the place looks quite better now :D

6. Even though my work wasn't upto the mark, Ma'am didn't say anything to me :)