Friday, April 20, 2012

A friend from far away land

Image Courtesy: Google Images
There is this friend of mine,
Who lives far away from my place,
Strange are his ways,
And funny are his talks,
He speaks in that typical South Indian accent,                                             
And it’s difficult to get his words,
He will keep saying teach me Hindi,
And it’s a bit tough for me,
Because when I speak in Hindi with Him,
He will make so many mistakes,
That it will make me forget my mother tongue,
Sometimes it’s tedious to make him speak up,
I would say he is stubborn,
If he has decided not to say anything,
Then no one can make him even utter a word
Sometimes he will irritate you like hell,
And sometimes he will make this world so beautiful for you,
That you will never be able to hate it again.
He will always imitate the way I speak,
And when I will get annoyed with him,
He will drive me mad with his actions,
But that’s what sets him apart from rest,
And that’s what makes him sweet buddy,
Friend you are in a far flung place,
But still you are close to my heart,
So please don’t you ever change,
Remain as you are, it’s a request,
Cheers to you and what you are.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fighting Cancer

So there is a website have participated in a poetry competition which is held monthly..This is the third time I am trying my luck...I need your support fellow bloggers.
The poem talks about the agonies of a cancer patient.He sees his family working hard for him, trying to react normally but he knows everyone is going through pain, the pain of loss. They know that he doesn't have much time. they are trying to provide him a proper environment at home.
The deadly disease has shattered his dreams. His desires and ambitions have come to an end. He knows that he is going to die soon and he finds himself extremely helpless.All he wishes to do is to fight cancer.
Well the poem isn't written that great. I didn't give much time to it. I just typed in some random sentences which I couldn't rhyme.It's a fourteen line poem, literally known as sonnet. Go through the poem and if you find it good enough drop in your comments here

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Friends...Never lose them...

Image Courtesy:Nidhi Chanani              
I walk past the empty road..There is no one present. All I can hear is my own footsteps. The wind is blowing hard. I wish I had carried a stole along. I am sad today. I have just found out that the people whom I considered my friends have betrayed me. I am depressed and dejected today. I feel that I have lost the match of life. I have been a failure on my part. I couldn't recognize thee true colors of the people around. Does being too helpful and too friendly become harmful for you? Why do people try to take undue advantage of your friendly and helping nature? I have lost my friends today, I have nobody to call my own in this city.
I am lost in thoughts and I think of all the moments I had spent together with the two friends who had once been my best buddies.
"Shreya," I am woken up from my thoughts by a male voice.
I look up and I am surprised to find Sid standing in front of me.
"Where do you think you are going?" he asks me worriedly.
"No where. Why?"
"Well this path leads to the graveyard and I don't think so you would like the company of ghosts at night," he smiles while talking to me.
I am horrified to hear this. Anyone would be. I am damn scared of ghosts, well most of us are and I am so much afraid of the road that leads to the graveyard tat even though it is a shortcut to the main market I never try to go through the same.
"Thank God Sid you came or else I would have had the horror of my life,"I speak to him a little relieved by his presence.
"You are welcome. Do you mind accompanying me to McDonalds?"
"Yeah...fine," I reply hesitantly.
After an hour I am back at my flat waving to Sid.
I guess people aren't probably that bad. If there is a long list of dishonest and selfish people then there are a few friends who will always be by your side. I am lucky to have a friend like Sid. In the past few months I had totally ignored Sid for the new friends I had found but he was always by my side, supporting me and irritating me as always. Friends are the best part of one's life and I am happy that I have a friend like Sid. A lesson that I learnt today:Never ignore your old friends for new friends as if you lose them no one else will be able to fill their space and I sure do not want to lose any of my friends.

P.S:Even though this is fiction, this post is dedicated to all my friends. I love you guys. Thanks for being there for me :)
Bless ya... 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wanna be a kid again

My eyes are drooping and I have loads of work to do. I have a bundle of assignments to complete and a whole of books to study but my love for writing brings me here again. It arouses me like always. I wish I could control myself but unfortunately I can’t because my passion for writing is as great as my laziness.
I felt like writing something. Something that helps me vent out my frustration, something that helps me express my feelings. I am tired but I can’t sleep. Growing up is so depressing at times, you can’t do what you want, you can’t just keep lying on bed, you can’t play, you can’t finish your home work in an hour and be free. When we were kids, we always wanted to be just like grownups, take decisions the way they took, run home the way they did, do things the way they wanted but now it feels how hard it is to be an adult.
It’s tough to take decisions, it’s tough to run home, it requires courage to let go off few people from our lives. And this is because one has to consider the family issues, the financial issues, the social issues and a lot more.
Being an adult has its own advantages as well. You have your own life, you can put in your own view point but it is only you who can make it or break it.
Unfortunately I find myself wanting to be a kid again. I wish I could just go to school, come back in the afternoon, have Mum made yummy food, take rest, play out with friends in the evening, finish my homework in an hour, watch TV with family, have the great family session, dinner and go to sleep.
I miss those days when I was a carefree bird...