Friday, June 1, 2012

Book Review : Love Beyond Boundaries

Written for Isahitya. You may check out the interview here

The last fantasy fiction I read was Harry Potter. Since J.K.Rowling’s first book came into the market she has been ruling the fantasy fiction market. Now taking a step in this direction we have another writer, Parikshit Rane who has written a beautiful fantasy fiction. Reading his book was a good change as I was tired of reading the chic lit stories. Before reading the book, I didn’t have the idea that it would be such an amazing read.
Love Beyond Boundaries revolves around Raj, the protagonist of this story and his journey from the planet Earth to another planet called Zorb. Raj, a former Formula One driver starts on a journey to Sau Paulo, Brazil to attend an art exhibition where he purchases a painting packed with Reiki energy. The painter promises true love to the owner of the painting. Very soon Raj reaches an unknown planet and gets gifted by the love of his life. Along with this he gets to see a whole new magical world where trees talk and other supernatural activities. He learns the art of enchants and fights off the forces that are harming his love, Ramilia’s planet as well as Earth.
The story takes you to a fun filled ride of fantasy. The language used is simple yet alluring. The narration is smooth. Parikshit Rane possesses the art of story telling. This is his second book that was released in the month of March. The book has been published by Frog Books, an imprint of Leadstart publishing Pvt. Ltd priced at just Rs. 75. This has been my first pick from this publishing house and I am glad to find that there are no errors in the book and the editing is really good. His first book is ‘The Ancient Book’ which is another fantasy fiction. I haven’t read his first book but after reading this I have an urge to lay my hands on his first book as well.