Tuesday, February 22, 2011

May be.....

An expression of my thoughts written few hours ago..

Here I am standing on the road,
Not knowing where to go
I see the vehicles pass by
But none stops for me
Everyone here has a destination to reach
But why don't I have one
I can see my world shattering
But I can't do anything about it
I am so helpless
But I have the urge to fight it all
Should I start from somewhere
And reach anywhere
May be in the middle of it
I find something to bring
A meaning to my life
May be I find the people I've lost
May be I find happiness
May be I should start right now
May be I should have never stopped....
                                                                                            -Harshita Srivastava


  1. beautiful thought...enjoy the journey...let others run for destinations...

  2. r u a psychology student?u do look like one...btw lovely creation...

  3. thnku for joining my blog and taking all the pains to read every post uptil now...
    n I m an engg tu not a psycho stu :)

  4. may be u should have never stopped,,,,,,,,,,,,


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