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Book Review: Love Happens..So Does a Break Up- Saurav Vaish

Author: Saurav Vaish
Publisher: Diamond Books
Price: 100 INR( Available at a low rate on different online shopping sites)

Book Summary: Everybody falls in love once in a lifetime but not everybody is destined to have them. Saksham and Priya were one of the few lucky ones.

They had their share of ups and downs through school till they reached the status of “in a relationship” which takes them on a journey of commitment, long distance relationship, sacrifices, demands, expectations, fights, arguments and sex.

They not only have to deal with their strict families but even with themselves. With the rapid change in the mindset of the youth about love and relationships, it becomes interesting to see if their movie-tale like love story will have a happy ending or not? Will they be able to resist temptations? Will they be able to confront their families? Will they be able to sacrifice their comforts and happiness for the one they love? And the most important question is...ARE THEY REALLY IN LOVE???

About the Author: Saurav Vaish completed his engineering from Amity University, Noida and presently works at HCL. He discovered the writer within him after a few life changing incidents. His tryst with writing started through essay writing competitions for which he has many accolades. He is also an avid blogger. You can follow his blog @ This is his debut novel.

My View: A guy meets a girl and they become really good friends at school and fall in love. But like every love story, the girl cheats on her boyfriend and breaks up with him eventually for a better and rich guy. Simple, isn't it? Yes it is a typical love story infused with sweet talks, love, fights, the pain of staying away from each other, the anxiety to meet your partner and what not. Reasons enough not pick a yet again love story of a youth.
But, but, but, hold on! There's something that tries to gather all your attention to the story. The book is a kind of memoir and I believe so many of us can relate to it. The author has put all his emotions into this book, each word and incidents are strong and captivating. The way they bunk their coaching classes to stay by each other, bridging the gap of a long distance relation, saving all month to meet your girl friend trying to cover up all the lies you say for that one girl. You know there's no future, still you are head over heels for each other and hope to make it one day. Their friendship at school that becomes stronger day by day, support that Priyali provides when Saksham's mother passes away, the rift between a father and son, a father scolding his son for not concentrating on his studies, balancing personal and professional life, Priyali leaving Saksham for another boy are some situation described really well in the book. The way Saksham copes up with his break up is really heart renting, you feel so sad about the state of Saksham. The book makes you kinda emotional and sympathetic for the protagonist and creates a little hatred for Priyali. You really wonder as to why does she leave him for some rich guy? The book shows an aspect of long distance relationship and very clearly depicts the pros and cons of such kind of a relation.
The only drawback the book faces is poor editing. One of the biggest problem that Indian book market is facing is real bad editing and this book seems to be a victim of the same. At certain stages, you get to see 'bucks' written as 'bugs'. I really wonder how could one find some number of bugs in his bag, were they bed bugs or something? Lol!

My Rating:  3.5/5
The book should be read at least once and I am sure you'll not be disappointed.

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  1. Many of friends recommended me this book. I'm yet to buy it I have more than 10 book in the lines for the great 'R's- 'Read & Review'. I'll try to get this after all that. Great review. give me a idea of it. :)

    1. OMG! 10 books...And I thought I was the only one stuck up with five.

      And I'm glad you liked my review..Keep visiting
      Stay blessed

  2. Well.. I was wondering, why you are not blogging much these days? ANd than I click on the link of this blog. I didn't know, you are as active as ever.

    Nice review :) :)

    If possible, read "The Lost Symbol" and post a review. I'm almost half way through it. It's an awesum book. Very different from the regular chicklets that we get to see these days. I'm sure you will love it if chicklets is not the only genre for you :) :)

    Keep writing! Stay blessed! :) :)

    1. Thanks for being an active reader of my blog Prasoon..And yes I do love reading books of all types of genre. I have read Lost Symbol when I was in my first yr of engg and yes, it's really an awesome book. But I personally enjoyed Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code'. It has been my fav since like 5-6 years :D

    2. I'm sorry.. I didn't mean the lost symbol.. obvsly its an awesum book.. I admire Dan brown more than any other author.

      Anyway I was talking about " The Lost Story "
      It is co-written by two Indian authors. :) :)

    3. Oh yes..I've been eying this book since long but couldn't..and now that you've said it I am definitely going for this one :))

  3. this is holy and courageous job...going through new books and paying for fresh authors...usually i go for any book or movie after reading reviews...and save some bucks...thanks as i cannot read that much too...

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  5. i started reading this book in my first year of b tech in 2012. this was my first novel . i was never fond of reading novels..
    bt u know what is the strangest thing all that was written in the book started happening with me.
    i came into the relationship with this girl who i always liked since my school days. this happened while i was reading it.
    similar to that novel guy i left my school after 10th and her as well. but then v started talking again after tht and v were in relationship..
    another strange thing or u may say coincidence i was in NOIDA and she was in JAIPUR.
    same conservtive family.nd her sister dint want her to b in reltionships same as her brother in the novel..
    same long distance relationships same problems same solutions..
    and den one day her brother's demise similar to his mother's..
    then her phone started to stay busy all the time.. and when i asked it was always parents or some distant cousin..
    then suddenly out of nowhere she asked to break up. nd dumped me without any solid reason.. again same thing isnt it ?
    and after few days i m told that she is with some guy who is 4 years older to her and has money obviously.. now even her sister has no problem with her relationship.. again similar nah ??

  6. That's a long list of co-incidences. Some voodoo around, eh? :P

    1. actually these are not the only one.. its a long list..
      bt yeah last thing i would b hoping for is a voodoo to make it a better story :)
      bdw was that sarcasm or some serious statement ? :p


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