Saturday, February 23, 2013

Six things that made me happy today

1. So there is this new friend and we had a great conversation together. After a long time found a good mate to talk to, someone who didn't judge me for anything I said. Even though we aren't too close friends but somewhere down the line it felt good to have a friend who would just let you be yourself and not fake things.

2. I had to get my CMAT admit card attested and these people at college were bothering me too much asking me to run from pillar to post till a very kind person at the registrar office got the things done. I'v never seen him before but I am glad he was present, at least there are some good people in the world that still exist. May God bless him.

3. I hadn't eaten anything since morning and finally at 4 p.m chana masala with two of my girl friends after college was totally a bliss. And the yummy rasmalai just made the day.

4. Had this peaceful two hour nap(8 p.m-10 p.m) after long.

5. A call from my best friend with whom I had fought yesterday made the day even better.

6. A very close friend got through all the rounds of the placement drive today, results awaited. I just hope she gets selected.


  1. That's great, you had a good day..:)

    1. Yes Niesha
      I've begun to note down things that make me happy each day, makes me feel so good :)

  2. Loved reading this post Harshita!
    BTW you have been awarded.
    For more visit here:


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