Wednesday, February 26, 2014

World Book Fair

It was the World Book Fair and this is what happened all around the week. Moonlit Matinee received a wonderful response from people and I also got a great share of meeting old and new readers and some really wonderful authors. Sharing a few pics with you guys:

That's how the baby looked :) 

With the lovely and beautiful authoress, Swagnikaa Roy
The gang of writers, bloggers, book promoters and publishers

With the author of 'Life and Promises' and compiler of 'Moonlit Matinee', Pulkit Gupta (left) and Founder of Engineers' Adda, Gaurav Kushwaha

That was just a glimpse, the whole story of 9 eventful days can just not be described in words :) To all the readers whom I met, I am deeply indebted to you for making the week a success. Every ounce of happiness that I receive from book, is just because of you guys! If we couldn't meet then we'll surely, some day, if not today. Till the, take care and stay blessed!



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