Monday, July 7, 2014

Bad Romance: The first glimpse

Those of you who are connected with me on Facebook must be aware of the fact that my second book is releasing today. To all my friends, readers, fellow bloggers and well-wishers who have been away from my social handles, here's the news. My second book titled 'Bad Romance' is out.

It was one of those hectic days at office when Pulkit Gupta, my publisher called me to say that the book is printed and he expects me to be there on Saturday for signing the pre-ordered copies. Friday evening I confirmed the timings with Pulkit and he asked me to be there by 11 a.m. While there were a lot of butterflies fluttering in my stomach, a part of me was quite unsure if I could make it on time.

The whole of Friday night, in fact the past week, has been weird. Full of excitement, nervousness, cold feet, sweaty palms, anxiety pangs and what not. And since I slept late, I woke up late but somehow I did make it on time at Dariyaganj on Saturday.

As I waited for the books to arrive, my friend who had come alongwith me to keep my spirits high, kept on telling me that it's going to be big. I don't why but I had this feeling that he was more nervous than me. I can probably not describe the feeling; I wasn't getting published for the first time but the mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness was same, in fact a lot more than it was before. Maybe that was because at that time I did not have so much of readership. Now that I have a lot better reach, I have a lot more responsibility on my shoulders, to write not just for myself but for my readers as well.

So when the books finally arrived there was a big smile on my face as per Ashish, my friend. You know they say in Hindi khushi se phooli na samaana. That is what was happening with me and the feeling of getting to hold my book was simply mid blowing. I'll let the pictures do the talking for now.

Oh! The beauties

Yet another shot

I had some 90 minutes in hand and 200 copies to sign because all the pre-orders made from HS18 had to go autographed. I looked at Pulkit helplessly and he was like you gotta do it, girl. Ila Garg, Creative Head at Gargi gave me a reassuring smile and I took a deep breath only to get started with a conviction that I can do it in the stipulated time.

As promised, there are a number of copies that will find such messages. I hope the readers like it :)

I look so drained out but I was happy and the reason was pretty much obvious. Ashish who had a stopover at Delhi before going home took this picture when I took a 2 minute break.

And I started off again with a smile on my face and a happiness in my heart and soul that knew no bounds.

This was taken after we were done with signing all the copies. Huff! I had become too drained out by then and we headed straight to this place.

Since Ashish had a train to catch, we got our stuff packed. I am telling you chicken wrap and donuts had never felt so yumm as they felt on Saturday.

So this was a small account of the first glimpse of Bad Romance-Love, Lies and Betrayals. Do try to take out some time for this book.

Purchase link: 

With bated breaths and skipped heartbeats, I welcome you all to the journey of Kritika and Tanishq. The book releases today officially. I hope and pray that this effort turns out to be an even bigger success.

Signing off for today. Happy reading to all of you! :)


  1. I might pick up your book in future :)

    1. That'd be really sweet of you. I'll await your feedback. Thanks for passing by! :)

  2. Alike Anmol Said . i might also pick your book in future.

  3. Hmm, glad to see that it is out now. I might have missed the autographed copy, but no issues, I will definitely grab the copy soon...

    1. Alok Sir, I have signed 10 extra copies just in case of emergency. So if you order today, you might get hold of an autographed copy.

  4. Best wishes for the book, Harshita :)
    Waiting to get my hands on the copy soon!

  5. Congratulations! I look forward to reading and reviewing your book once I'm back in Delhi.


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