Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I surrender everything to you
I am heart broken
I've been defeated in the battle of life
I am shattered
I have no reason to live
O my Lord you are my only strength

There is no hope
There are no more expectations
There is no happiness
There is no one to love
Everything is over
My world is barren

I have no one but you
The Almighty,the whole of this
Universe believes in you
You give the best to everyone
So please give me the gift of death
I finish myself at your feet
I surrender everything to you

                                                                                 -Harshita Srivastava


  1. kya baat hai...likhna band kar diya kya...drawing power from ultimate source is the best option to achieve your ultimate goal...nevertheless believe in yourself if you believe in GOD...

  2. hmmm...wil begin wrkin on my blog frm Jan 2012...:)

  3. babe u r quite a good poet...can feel that from ur word of thought...


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