Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fighting Cancer

So there is a website voicesnet.org....I have participated in a poetry competition which is held monthly..This is the third time I am trying my luck...I need your support fellow bloggers.
The poem talks about the agonies of a cancer patient.He sees his family working hard for him, trying to react normally but he knows everyone is going through pain, the pain of loss. They know that he doesn't have much time. they are trying to provide him a proper environment at home.
The deadly disease has shattered his dreams. His desires and ambitions have come to an end. He knows that he is going to die soon and he finds himself extremely helpless.All he wishes to do is to fight cancer.
Well the poem isn't written that great. I didn't give much time to it. I just typed in some random sentences which I couldn't rhyme.It's a fourteen line poem, literally known as sonnet. Go through the poem and if you find it good enough drop in your comments here


  1. it is much more than just good enough........

    you truly seem to have a deep sense of unfathomable human relations........
    another nicely penned creation...

    1. Thanks Dhruv for such an amazing compliment :)
      Keep dropping in...
      God bless
      Take care

  2. I must say Good Work! Way to go... :)

  3. beautiful composition Harshita...Good luck for the competition...GOD bless you... :)


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