Friday, April 20, 2012

A friend from far away land

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There is this friend of mine,
Who lives far away from my place,
Strange are his ways,
And funny are his talks,
He speaks in that typical South Indian accent,                                             
And it’s difficult to get his words,
He will keep saying teach me Hindi,
And it’s a bit tough for me,
Because when I speak in Hindi with Him,
He will make so many mistakes,
That it will make me forget my mother tongue,
Sometimes it’s tedious to make him speak up,
I would say he is stubborn,
If he has decided not to say anything,
Then no one can make him even utter a word
Sometimes he will irritate you like hell,
And sometimes he will make this world so beautiful for you,
That you will never be able to hate it again.
He will always imitate the way I speak,
And when I will get annoyed with him,
He will drive me mad with his actions,
But that’s what sets him apart from rest,
And that’s what makes him sweet buddy,
Friend you are in a far flung place,
But still you are close to my heart,
So please don’t you ever change,
Remain as you are, it’s a request,
Cheers to you and what you are.


  1. friendship is the most precious thing in one's life in my personal opinion..
    beautiful....cute.. humorous
    nice post :)

  2. nice poem

  3. and hopefully the friend gets your message :P

    nice work :D

    1. I am not in contact with this friend anymore Deeps...I wrote this poem more than an year ago :)
      thank you for appreciating my work and dropping by :)
      take care


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