Monday, April 14, 2014

Five Destinations, One lifetime

Travel, exploration, wanderer- Three words entwined together; three words that form the essence of the journey called life; three words that bring out the hidden you. Frankly speaking, a person who doesn’t travel hasn’t lived a life to be called worthwhile. Your life is a travelogue, each time you go around it gets added on your list. Life is all about discovering places so as to discover yourself. But there’s something I wish to add, simply being on the move without exploration and observation would just add on to your list, not your experiences. So yes, travel to introspect, travel to discover, travel to improve, travel to shine, travel to learn, travel to imbibe, and travel to befriend your inner soul. Well, life is a journey and mine has just begun. I’ve been through a few spots but there are many that lay unexplored. Like everyone, few places always attract you more than others. My list is a bit long but I’m going to pick the top five places I wish to travel in India, sometime soon.

Kolkata- The first city in my list has to be the Queen’s land. I don’t know why but this city has always drawn me towards itself. Maybe, it’s their food or maybe it’s the white and red cotton saris, maybe it’s the Durga Puja or maybe it’s the fish curry, I’ve reasons galore to be there but one strong that always remains on top is my fantasy to learn literature from here. Accept it or not, if you wish to study the best of literature in India then it’s nowhere but Kolkata.

Mcleodganj- The foodie in me has always been intrigued by Tibetan cuisine and there’s no doubt that it’s the momos and the thukpas that have been making me crazy to land in there sometime soon. Moreover, you don’t get to see Tibetan culture everyday. I guess, it’s going to be an enriching experience to learn something about their lifestyle. Not only this, I’ve even planned to open up a coffee shop there in collaboration with a friend.

Almora- That’s a small hill station in Uttarakhand and I’ve had some really wild thoughts on sneaking here without telling anyone, just to pen down my novel. I have fantasized for long about sleepy morning, chai ka pyaala, a desk by the window with my laptop. pens and paper and a cozy bed that has a small book shelf just above the head rest.

Vasco, Goa- Ever since I watched the movie ‘Josh’ I’ve wanted to be there. You know the churches, the sounds of the bells, the smell of baking, the Christian lifestyle, my God, it’s already giving me goosebumps. If I manage to go there, I’d like to spend some time at the public library reading about the history of the Portugal rule there.

Neemrana- That’s quite sad but you know I’ve just not got the chance to explore this beautiful hill station in Rajasthan. Like everyone, even I’d be interested in visiting those ancient forts but the catch here is the hot air ballooning early morning. I know I’ll have to save up a lot to be able to experience it but someday, I’d like to see the place from high above.


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    1. It's always good to find people saying this, makes me feel that I'm not alone. Thanks for passing by :)

  2. Nice list, Harshita :)
    I have visited only 3 of these places.
    Best wishes.

    1. Thank you for suggesting this topic and also for taking the pains to read :)

  3. Oh I so loved this Harshita.
    Always look forward to travel and explore.

    Thank you for sharing this

    1. The pleasure is all mine. Glad you liked it :) Thanks for passing by.


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