Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gupshup, reading and more...

Some weeks back I had reviewed Ankrish Khanna's book 'The Fork & Spoon of Life'. In case you haven't read the book yet, read the review here. I forwarded the review to the author and thus got a chance to interact with him. Somehow I coaxed him for an interview and he replied in time. While we had a chit chat he divulged that he began writing the novel when he was just 13, isn't it surprising? I must say I was quite impressed with this school boy. Read on the interview here  

So what have you been reading these days? I am planning to pick up 'Unhooked' by Munmun Ghosh when I catch my train for home this evening..Super excited to meet everyone at home.

See what I got while returning from college yesterday. I love picking up stuff from street vendors. These bangles just suit the kurti I plan to wear on Diwali..

I got hold of a pair of anklets and a ring as well :D Both of them costed just 20 INR :P 

See you guys with another post soon :)
Till then c ya...Wish me Happy Journey

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  1. Gosh! u r some blogger now huh?

    writing, reviewing, interviews..all at a rapid pace.. Gud goin girl.. keep it up..

    gud luck !! :)


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